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Elementary Teaching Position


  • Effective implementation of assessment for learning and assessment as learning as set out in Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Alberta Schools
  • Uses appropriate tools to assess learning such as: anchor charts, organizers and templates, checklists, rubrics, portfolios and surveys
  • Create a warm and welcoming learning environment
  • Ensure all Health and Safety, and school policies are followed
  • Collaborate with grade team teachers and rotary teachers in planning
  • Apply Achievement Chart criteria of Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking, Communication, and Application
  • Implement effective educational technology strategies to engage student learning
  • Incorporate a gradual release of responsibility, explicit teaching and guided reading practice
  • Integrate CIS character education values into the curriculum and into the day to day school life

Duties include:

  • Contribute effectively to the ongoing success of the school in providing high-quality education for all students, with particular attention to developing students as global learners, citizens and student leaders
  • Support all students in developing a love of learning and in achieving their full potential
  • Implement the grade and subjects taught based on the Alberta Curriculum and by using research-informed and student-centered pedagogy
  • Ensure that all students develop competencies in literacy and numeracy, creativity, communication, collaboration and thinking skills
  • Develop caring, positive and professional relationships with students and staff
  • Model the attributes celebrated in the Alberta Character Education Program
  • Participate fully in the development of short and long-range teaching/department plans
  • Implement effective teaching and learning strategies that include the use of educational technology
  • Work with the School Leadership Team with in the implementation of school improvement work
  • Inspire public confidence by developing positive relationships with parents and the school community
  • Lead, coordinate and/or support co-curricular activities, sports, and school events such as arts and culture
  • Establish and contribute to an inclusive, caring and safe learning environment
  • Work as a professional learning community to share effective practices provide rich learning tasks for students and use meaningful and authentic print and digital learning resources

Required Qualifications:

  • Licensed teacher qualified to teach Kindergarten, Primary, Junior or Intermediate
  • Preferred Alberta Teaching Certificate  and member is eligible to become certified with Alberta Teaching Certificate. Please see here for more information: https:alberta.ca/teacher-certification.aspex
  • A signed Annual Offence Declaration. As an international school system, CISS schools are held to high levels of scrutiny to ensure that our recruiting processes pay careful attention to the principles of Child Protection

Professional Attributes and Experience:

  • Proven ability to work in teams
  • Work effectively with teachers, parents, administrators, and students
  • Commitment to creating a school culture that is caring, collaborative, safe, and responsive to the needs of all students
  • Demonstrated commitment to student success

Working Conditions:

Working Hours: 35 hours per week from Monday to Friday (according to the school’s schedule)

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