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A bilingual MOET school with Oxford International Curriculum (OIC)

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About CIS Lao Cai

A bilingual MOET school with Oxford International Curriculum (OIC)


Why choose CIS Lao Cai

Highlights of
CIS Lao Cai


Oxford International Curriculum


Average 25 students per class


Internationally qualified teachers


100% accepted by foreign universities


Board of school’s Message

Building a learning community; building the world

By choosing CIS-LC, parents are not just simply giving their child a world-class educational environment yet enable them to become global citizens with a strong Vietnamese cultural identity and pride.

“ Sharing the mission of creating a strong community of "global CISers", we are confident in building a well-rounded academic program: a harmonious combination of subjects from the new general educational curriculum by Moet and handpicked Oxford International Curriculum, as well as providing diversify opportunities for students to unleash their personal potentials through experiential activities, extracurricular activities, and community projects.

All to ensure CIS students have the academic qualifications and international mindset to confidently live and study abroad.”
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House System

Promoting school spirit through emulation activities, healthy competition between Houses, from sports, music to academics.
There are a total of 4 Houses in CIS Lao Cai: Earth (Green), Mars (Red), Neptune (Blue) and Saturn (Yellow).

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is a guide from the School Board to help parents have enough information and skills to support and accompany students in learning activities.