Who is the company that invested 420 billion to build an international school in Lao Cai?

(VNF) – On October 26, Canadian International Primary, Middle and High School Joint Stock Company (CISC) started construction of the Canada – Lao Cai international school complex after more than two years of preparation. subject to project implementation conditions. Canadian International School will be built in Lao Cai (photo drawing) The Canada – Lao Cai … Read more

10th grade entrance exam: It is necessary to evaluate the student’s learning process and have an independent testing unit

PNO – Educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc said that the 2018 GDT Program emphasizes evaluating students’ learning process and recording their progress. Therefore, it is not possible to rely solely on the results of one exam to fully reflect a student’s ability. https://www.phunuonline.com.vn/thi-tuyen-len-lop-10-can-danh-gia-ca-qua-trinh-hoc-tap-cua-hoc-sinh-va-co-don-vi-khao-thi-doc-lap-a1487108.html Educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc is currently in charge of the Canadian … Read more