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10th grade entrance exam: It is necessary to evaluate the student’s learning process and have an independent testing unit

PNO – Educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc said that the 2018 GDT Program emphasizes evaluating students’ learning process and recording their progress. Therefore, it is not possible to rely solely on the results of one exam to fully reflect a student’s ability.


Educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc is currently in charge of the Canadian International School (Lao Cai), founder of Edlab Asia Education Research Center. He was also honored on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Vietnam list in 2020.

In 2020, he and his colleagues conducted a study to concretize the program framework for measuring the quality of school education in Vietnam.

An alternative solution is needed which is an independent testing and inspection unit

Talking to reporters about the center for assessing the quality of education at the high school level, researcher Hoang Anh Duc affirmed that, in both theory and practice, Vietnamese education is not ready to conduct an assessment center. independent evaluation and accreditation of programs at the high school level, especially for public schools. Even 2-3 years from now this will still not be possible.

Nhà nghiên cứu giáo dục Hoàng Anh Đức
Educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc

Explaining the above assessment, he pointed out that the 2020 study shows that in order for a school education program to develop sustainably, comprehensively, and ensure quality, an independent quality accrediting unit at the secondary level is required. It is necessary to verify the quality of education in 4 pillars. That is, curriculum development, program ontology, program implementation, program evaluation. School program evaluation must emphasize process evaluation, because this is the factor that directly impacts the student learning process. In addition, there is an assessment related to the professional development process of teachers.

However, according to him, the current reality of education quality accreditation in Vietnam only focuses on test scores and learning scores and does not focus on reporting and evaluating achievements and evaluating the process to bring make adjustments and directions for students. Comprehensive studies on the current state of education also show that, on average, the number of hours of quality professional activities for public teachers is 50-60 hours/year, for private schools is 100 hours, and for international schools is 120 hours. hours/year, this partly reflects the quality of the school program.

From a school program perspective, many schools cannot differentiate between curriculum and textbooks. The 2018 GDT program has changed, but there is still the notion that we only look at textbooks and forget that books are just documents. In addition, the habit of relying on textbooks and the framework curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training has formed a sequential teaching logic that follows the textbooks, so the curriculum ontology between schools is not different. leading to the same evaluation results of all schools today, perhaps the only difference is in the teaching methods of teachers.

Với Chương trình GDPT 2018, thi tuyển chỉ nên chiếm một trọng số nhỏ khi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10, cạnh đó là trọng số về đánh giá quá trình học của học sinh
The 2018 GDPT program emphasizes evaluating students’ learning process and recording their progress.

The alternative solution when there is no independent quality accreditation center, according to researcher Hoang Anh Duc, is to need an independent testing and inspection unit. This unit will solve the problem of students transferring from junior high school to high school through admission to grade 10. This will be even more meaningful because, according to him, with the 2018 GDPT program, the entrance exam form will no longer exist. suitable for admission to grade 10.

He analyzed: The 2018 GDT program emphasizes evaluating students’ learning process and recording their progress. Therefore, it is not possible to rely solely on the results of one exam to fully reflect a student’s ability. If the entrance exam is still applied in 10th grade admission, this result should only account for a certain percentage; Besides, it is also the ratio of evaluating the student’s learning process, to balance testing and evaluating the process according to the goals and requirements of the program.

“For example, entrance exam results may only account for 50-60% of the total admission score for grade 10, the remaining % comes from evaluating the students’ results and learning process. So, back to assessing the learning process of students, how to create uniformity in student assessment between school units in the same province or locality. This requires regulation by the department of education and office of education, bringing the most objectivity in the use of student learning results. And so in the long run, to be most objective, there still needs to be an independent evaluation and testing unit” – he emphasized.

National standard schools should be a minimum standard rather than an honor

According to educational researcher Hoang Anh Duc, independent assessment has been carried out by international and bilingual high schools for a long time by seeking external assessment agencies and independent accreditation organizations. This is considered a vital factor to self-improve the quality of the unit.

In addition, the international education system also applies another trend to verify school program activities, which is that schools choose to sign cooperation agreements with foreign schools/partners. During the cooperation process, partners will conduct their own school accreditation work, although only internallyộ.

Regarding the public school system, he said, currently the Ministry of Education and Training still has assessments and approvals on school standards according to national school standards with different criteria. However, school programs and school standards are sometimes worse than national standards due to many physical barriers when urban conditions cannot meet them.


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