Programs are built with emphasis from the earliest age with a well-designed curriculum, qualified teachers, and trained to high standards.

Canadian Schools rank in the top 10 of all testing categories on international standardized tests in Mathematics, Language, and Science.

Alberta is the best performing province in Canada thanks to a curriculum that combines a strong academic focus with the development of core competencies that support social and emotional growth to prepare students for success in life.

Alberta’s world-class education system has an excellent reputation and is recognized as one of the best in the English-speaking world.

Alberta Education recognizes that quality education has a positive impact on children’s well-being, learning, and development.

Strong early learning programs, a well-developed curriculum, highly qualified and trained teachers, and high standards contribute to students reaching their full potential.

This will be the groundwork that we will lay out and build from and within to achieve similar outcomes for our CIS Lao Cai students.


What makes
CIS Lao cai different?

Leading curriculum

Alberta’s new curriculum is founded on 4 key learning themes
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and writing skills


Math skills


Social responsibility

Practical skills

Practical skills
What makes
CIS Lao cai different?

Certified and qualified teachers

Teachers have the greatest impact on student achievement.

A strong curriculum requires quality teachers to help students learn.

This impact involves not only the teaching of particular academic skills but as importantly, the fostering of core competencies and character development.

Reinforcing self-esteem in the classroom is associated with increased motivation and learning, and meaningful character education will support holistic development.

Alberta Certificated Teachers Canadian certificated teachers are among the best-trained teachers in the world who have a great passion for their students.

CIS Lao Cai teachers are Alberta Certificated which means they know how to adjust approaches to ensure student needs are met through differentiated learning and assessment strategies. Alberta teachers help students to think and ask powerful questions about what they are learning.

CIS – Lao Cai teachers meet The Alberta Teaching Quality Standard. The Alberta Teaching Quality Standard provides a framework for the preparation, professional growth, supervision, and evaluation of all teachers.

Alberta-qualified teachers will create a friendly learning environment in which students are respected for their differences and welcomed, taken care of, protected, and secured by members of the school community Quality teaching occurs when the teacher’s ongoing analysis of the context, and the teacher’s decisions about which pedagogical knowledge and abilities to apply, result in optimum learning for all students.


What makes
CIS Lao cai different?

Modern and purpose
built campus

Located on a total of 10 hectares, with total building area of 45,000 m2, the schools has a capacity of 2,000 students from kindergarten to high school, including a dormitory area for students age 11 and above.

The architecture of the school uses inspiration from the mountainous scenery and the signature rice paddy terraces – a signature cultural trait from the Northwestern territories of Vietnam as well as focuses on preserving the natural formation of the land.

The “zig-zag” structure together with the patterns of the school is to adapt the school and blend the school into the natural surrounding environment, bringing green open space to the school – but at the same time has an exclusive community feel.

The material used for the building and construction of the school is environmentally friendly and the colors used is a good blend and combination with the school’s natural surrounding.


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What makes
CIS Lao cai different?


The Certificate of Education from the province of Alberta that students receive upon completion of their studies at CIS - Lao Cai

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Apply to CIS Lao Cai

There are four steps to complete Admission documents at CIS Lao Cai as follows:
Sign up for a consultation
Book Placement test
Report results and class arrangement
Complete the application for enrollment

The Founding parent program

Since 2009, The Canadian International School System has been the first entity in the international school community to pioneer and applied for the special FOUNDING PARENTS program.

For that reason, for the newest school – The Canadian International School Lao Cai – the FOUNDING PARENTS program will officially be opened with hopes of providing opportunities to children living in Lao Cai City and Lao Cai Province to approach a forward-thinking educational curriculum from the land of the maple leaves.

The FOUNDING PARENTS program provides parents with various benefits such as Tuition fees maintain and WILL NOT CHANGE throughout the student’s time of study at the school. The application and entrance testing process is simple and quick. Entrance testing fees are waived and students will also be eligible to have a 20% promotion in school bus fees.

We would like to invite parents to leave your contact information for our Admissions Department to contact you for consultation.


Parents, please leave your information to receive the earliest advice from the school's admissions department
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